Cutting back plants keeps your garden looking good and growing well. A cutting tool is essential to maintain your garden, and your secateurs or lopper should be kept in as good condition as possible to maintain their cutting edge and keep them rust-free.

Secateurs are hand-held pruners that are used for removing small branches from your plants. As secateurs are smaller than many other tools, a bright-coloured handle will stop you from misplacing them in the garden.

Loppers are longer-handles tools used to cut harder-to-reach branches, so weight is really important with these. Look for aluminium or other lightweight materials, as you’ll often be using them with your arms outstretched.

There are two main types of blades on these cutting tools–anvil and bypass. Anvil secateurs or loppers work by one blade moving again an anvil, or softer metal blade. Bypass cutters use two blades, similar to a pair of scissors. Which one is best usually comes down to personal preference.