15M Sprinkler Soaker Hose

During these warm dry summer months your garden needs all the soaking it can get. This soaker hose gives out a rain effect up to 6.7m wide to soak through all your garden beds, vege patches and lawns.


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Green Blade 15M Sprinkler Soaker Garden Hose – NEW

Green in colour it blends into the surroundings, wide based fins prevent kinks and twists on this specially designed hose.

Gentle spray won’t wash out valuable topsoil, seedlings or damage flowers.


• 15m garden soaker hose
• Ideal for watering in the garden
• Wide based fins to prevent kinks and twists
• Gives you a rain like finish
• Sprinkles and soaks
• Flexible shape easy to fit any garden
• Suitable for lawns, garden beds, nature strips and driveway
• Waters up to 6.7 m wide at normal tap pressure
• Will not wash out valuable topsoil, seedlings or damage blooms


• 15m long
• Easy to use
• Fits any garden/pathway
• No twists
• Waters up to 6.7m
• Rain effect for soaking
• Screws onto normal hose connection

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