BERGEN Professional 4 Piece Camshaft Locking Pin Set for Ford and Mazda – NEW

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Timing Alignment Pin Set' ADM55501 is required to allow correct engine timing ... belt on Mazda and Ford vehicles fitted with 1.4TDCi and 1.6TDCi engines. ... On DOHC applications the timing belt drives one camshaft at the
Brand: Bergen
Manufacturer: Bergen tools
Model: Camshaft Locking Pin Set
Product ID: BER3106
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A special 4 piece kit containing the necessary special pins required to lock the camshaft sprocket, flywheel and align the crankshaft and fuel pump when checking the valve timing on 2.0 and 2.4 litre chain driven engines and or replacing the timing belt on 1.4 litre engines.

All high quality precision manufactured tools are made from a reliable highly recommended tool manufacturer.

Made by professionals for professionals.
• 4 x locking pins
• Supplied in blow moulded storage case

90 degree pin• Length: 126mm x 44mm on angle
• Diameter: 7mm

Straight pins• Length: Length: 75mm
• Diameter: 4mm, 7mm and 10mm

• Model Fiesta and Fusion 1.4 TDCI 02-04
• Mondeo 2.0 TD / TDCI 00-03
• Transit 2.4D 00-03 21-251 / 303-698

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