bush pruning

You should do the rose pruning in early spring, taking three or four six-inch stems (or for miniatures, three-inch stems). Cut them on a slight diagonal, in the morning before the stresses of the day.


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Make easy work of cutting tree branches.

Non stick coated carbon steel blades protect against rust and corrosion and stay sharp longer.

Sturdy tubular steel handles which are 21″ in length making these loppers perfect for cutting branches on smaller trees.

For maximum comfort, these loppers have foam grips which reduce the impact on your hands when cutting at extended lengths of time.


• Non stick blades
• Sturdy tubular steel handles
• Ergonomic soft grips
• High quality carbon steel blades fully heat treated
• 21″ in length

Caring for roses doesn’t just mean watering and putting on a little fertilizer and hoping for plenty of sunlight. There’s more to keeping a garden full of healthy rose plants

If you do discover pests or diseases, though, often you can nip them, as it were, in the bud. Pruning roses below canker or black spots can often eliminate those problems. Be sure to throw away the diseased branches; never mix them into a compost bin

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