Complete with tipping function, an excellent alternative to the traditional wheel barrow.

This garden cart with tipping function will prove to be an invaluable asset in your garden.


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Green Blade 75 Litre Garden Dump Cart

Featuring a large 75 litre capacity, it?s durable polycarbonate tray is mounted on a robust powder coated steel chassis that is complete with 4 large pneumatic tyres.

Easy to manoeuvre with its dual purpose handle, you can tip your load wherever required using the tipping function. To tip simple release the cart from the chassis and lift, the rear tyres move forward allowing you to tip your load completely with no mess or fuss.

The cart can be pushed, pulled or even towed using a tow hitch. Measuring 103 x 55 x 50cm, the cart weighs 25.5 kilos and can carry up to 300kg.

Ideal for use as a traditional garden wheel barrow, newspaper delivery and many uses around the garden


• Heavy duty plastic cart with steel frame on wheels
• Convenient tipping mechanism so you can tip the contents out just like a conventional wheel barrow
• Pneumatic tyres, meaning you can change the tyre pressure to suit your individual use
• Easy to manoeuvre front handle (front wheel steering)


• Tipping Dump Cart
• Maximum capacity: 300KG
• 75 litre capacity
• 4 x Pneumatic tyres (10″ x 4″(
• Size: 103 x 55 x 50cm
• Steel frame
• Rust free polycarbonate tray

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