Dry Lining Boards and Door Lifter in Aluminium

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Professional Dry Lining Boards and Door Lifter in Aluminium – NEW

Professional Quality Dry Board Door Lifter Hands Free

Professional designed dry board lifter. With a tapered front leading edge make it very easy to get the lifer under a board for a lift.

A very simple design with the pivot point just forward of centre, simple put your foot into the loop and apply weight to the heels and get your board into the perfect position before tacking off. One job just one man.

The foot loop is also adjustable so depending on the type of foot ware boots or trainers your foot will fit comfortably in the loop.

With the serrated non slip heel will give lots of grip and extra leverage.

Not only used for dry lining boards can also be used for lifting doors, boards, plastic sheets, joists etc., the list is endless.

Only weighting 0.7kgs makes it very easy to bring a very useful tool to any job.


• Professional quality
• Quality cast aluminium
• Adjustable loop
• Tapered leading edge
• Non slip heel
• Dimensions: 300mm L. 145mm W. 125 to 135mm H.
• Weight: 0.7kgs

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